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Note to all SRFNC stakeholders

Note to all players (including our Auskick and Net Set Go programs), committee members, families, club sponsors and supporters.

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, our club will play its role in supporting the wider community to ensure the health and wellbeing of community members.

Currently no league within AFL Western District will commence their 2020 season prior to 31 May. This will be reviewed by AFL Western District and leagues in mid-April 2020. If at that point in time conditions have dramatically improved, there is potential for a commencement of the competitions at the beginning of May 2020.

AFL Western District and leagues encourage clubs to cancel training from today, 17 March until 31 May 2020. South Rovers had already taken this step as of Monday 16 March. All practise matches scheduled after 17 March are to be cancelled also; South Rovers had no planned practise matches scheduled beyond this date.

SRFNC senior football coaches have had numerous players contact them about possible training options, however up until our club receives further advice we will be following the direction of AFL Western District and the leagues where all training sessions will be cancelled until 31 May 2020.

If we receive any information that leads to changes to the above advice we will let our club community know.

Football and netball clubs are the lifeblood for many people and at this time the health and wellbeing of all community members is the most important thing to our club.

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