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Trainer(s) required for 2022

Following several years of valuable service Jamie Twaddle is stepping down as a Trainer at South Rovers.

We are grateful that Wayne McNaughton and Gabby are remaining for 2022 to assist with the Junior Grades of Football and Netball - however this leaves us in the position of not having a Trainer or better still Trainers for the Senior Grades of Football and Netball.

We are calling on any Parents / Grand Parents / Brothers / Sisters / Past Players / anyone out there who may have some experience - or even not experienced and who may be interested in helping out.

AFL Western District and the South West Sports Trainers Association run various Training Courses prior to each season - which can be paid for by our Club - and weekly re-numeration is also available to suitably qualified persons.

Please phone president Dennis Bushell on 0400 455 105

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